Family & Friends

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We love to photograph every thing that catches our eye even video the wild life as they move around about their way and spring time has to be our best time of the year. We’ve put a lot of our pictures and video on this web site to share with out family and friend of the things we’ve seen and of the places we’ve gone and hope you enjoy all of it as we have and still do.

We Love Our Time Outdoors

A Day Hunting & Fishing

I love to hunt as much as I love to go fishing and on one spring turkey hunting trip a few years back I did both and filled the cooler in one day. I ended up with a nice turkey that was 23 pounds with a 11 ¾ inch beard and a very nice rainbow trout that was 9 pound 8 oz an 28 1/2 inches. What a fish ! We was at Yellow River in NE Iowa our home away from home as I’d say . I was with long time hunting buddies Mark and Earl they had got me started in turkey hunting with my bow and turned into yearly trips to this camp in Iowa. We don’t do much of any of that anymore but the memories will last me forever !! Thank you my friends !

Denise loves the outdoors as much as I do and she’ll go off with camera in hand stopping at every thing that catches her eye and snap a few pictures but at times she’ll just sit back in her chair and just take in all the sounds an beauty that the day hold for us as the breeze blows through the trees the water running down the river while the birds sing away.

Denise has bought about every wild flower hand book to help her in identifying all she comes across then she gets her camera out and starts to snap pictures and it doesn’t stop there, birds are another treat to see as we walk and we take both pictures and video that is if they stop long enough for a camera shot. Now the close up shot I do that’s just some thing I’ve been able to do that Denise has problems with but either way we enjoy it all the same.  

 Back ground picture was taken while going for a weekend camping and we stopped by the Decorah Fish Hatchery and had a look at all the trout and this beautiful waterfall that come right out from the hill side that feeds the trout stream.

Back Ground Picture

If you would like to go see this for your self or other areas in Iowa click on the link below and you’ll find all the info you should need and don’t forget your camera because you never know what you’ll see that may catch your eye and want to share with others.